Selected #Image for Today. #Scottish #International #Photography .@RetinaFestival #Retina16 .@LynnHenni

Post by Paul and Lynn Henni

‘The Elements’ – Retina Scottish International Photography Festival #Retina16

Today’s selected image from our ‘The Elements’ #Retina16 Photography Festival Exhibition, which is running until the 31st  July, at the Roamin’ Nose venue. More photos to see on our Facebook page and website.

Floating City. Photo by and copyright of Lynn Henni.
Floating City. Photo by and copyright of Lynn Henni.

2 thoughts on “Selected #Image for Today. #Scottish #International #Photography .@RetinaFestival #Retina16 .@LynnHenni

  1. A tricky photo to decipher…. Shot from inside a bus or tram on Princes St. looking across the Nor’ Bridge to Arthur’s Seat…with the reflection of the RBS and the spire of the Hub on the window? No need to respond. But unless it’s some sort of double exposure / manipulation it is a bit puzzling. A clever regardless of how it was created.

    1. This one is by Lynn. She spotted this as we were coming up in the lift from Waverley Station to the top of Waverley Mall. Looks like a double exposure, but is one straight shot.

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