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This is a view looking straight up Dundas Street in The New Town part of Edinburgh, with the spire of the General Assembly Hall of the Church of Scotland in the distance. As in the Assembly Hall, not the Assembly Rooms, which are in George Street. Got that. So there are two Assembly’s, one is a hall and the other is rooms, and neither are both the same.

Good thing they are not both used as Festival venues and that no confusion ever arises when poor bastards arrive at one for a show only to be told to go to the other one. Even better, Assembly is the name used by one of the festival/ fringe companies. So there are other Assembly venues to go with these two. Ah how the locals laugh.

If you are a Broughton Spurtle reader, then this also marks the western edge of the Spurtle empire, or so I am told.

To The Assembly Spire.
To The Assembly Spire.

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