#4Reflect #Photo #Exhibition ends 11 Feb – last chance to see, selection of closing offers.

Four Reflect Exhibition: End of Exhibition 11th February 2015, selection of closing offers now available.

#4Reflect - The Venue!
#4Reflect – The Venue!

Once again, a big thanks again to our fine hosts The Roamin’ Nose.  It’s #healthkick time at the ‘Nose, so why not get along and try one of their healthy options such as a warm salad with Beetroot, roast baby parsnips, asparagus, artichokes, lentils & goats cheese? Cold? – there’s home made hot soup and it’s tasty. I know, because I test it out on your behalf on a regular basis.

Not fancying something healthy? There’s Barney’s beer, a great selection of moderately priced wines and cocktails. All god for washing down some home made pasta – my favourite when not tempted by a Roamin’ Burger, which is a proper one and gob-smackingly good too.

After eating and drinking, why not buy that nice print you have fancied, but not yet nabbed, before it disappears. It might even be one of those on offer?

As a reminder, Four Reflect is four local photographers presenting a range of images for sale. Open within the Roamin’ Nose Café and Bistro from the 13th November 2014, this exhibition will run until the 11th of February. More details on  the exhibition web page. Buy stuff off the  walls!

And here’s the exhibition flyer:

Four Reflect - Photography Exhibition at The Roamin' Nose
Four Reflect – Photography Exhibition at The Roamin’ Nose

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