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Update November 2014: The UKV Art project has closed down since this was posted, so if you would like a print of this, get in touch with me.

I’ve had a few more images selected for UKV Photo Art, which is encouraging. I must be doing something right.

Here’s another one of them, ‘Woolworth’, which shows an old Woolworths sign (minus the ‘s’) on a loading bay at the back of Lothian Road in Edinburgh. There is very little left of what was once a fixture in every high street. Click on the image below for information on how to buy a Photo Art print.

A bit more on the UKV Photo Art. This is a collaboration between a collective of UK and International photographers, digital artists and Paul Grundy of UKV Fine Art Printing to bring you the best high quality printed images. The editorial team review submissions to ensure high quality and there is a fine selection of Landscape, Seascape, People, Digital Art, Street and more categories.

Woolworth_. Click on the image for more details on the Photo Art Print options.

2 thoughts on “Woolworth .@UKVPrints .@Edinburgh #Monochrome #Photography knicksen.com

  1. I know this is a bit old and the links don’t work, but how would I go about getting a print of the Woolworth image? I found it while googling for my first job out of college. Which, as it happens, was offloading trucks at that very loading dock.

    1. Hi Alistair – Got your email so will reply there. We can do prints. – Paul and Lynn

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