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I have done my fair share of wrestling with printers, the actual thing that does the printing, not the printer, as in the thing that makes the print. Still with me? So not wrestling a hairy-arsed printer, but the piece of technology that does the printing.

I can remember trying to print a 1 megabyte scanned image on a laser printer and having to wait 5 hours for it to appear. I have also messed about with tiny, tiny little vials of liquid gold that cost more than something very expensive and think they know best when to stop working.

I remain surprised at the number of people who never get their photos printed at a decent size – many people must just see images on their phone screens and nothing larger.

Having resolved not to get back into trying to print my more recent photos, I tried out a couple of the larger online photo printers to see how my shots would come out? Well, kinda OK, but I have been doing a lot of monochrome – a fancy word for black and white – and wanted to get the best outputs I could for a fair price. I also wanted to get images output at a reasonable large size.

I have now used UKV Pro which is a Fine Art Printers run by someone called Paul Grundy, a man who knows his stuff and runs the Facebook Group ‘Monochrome Vision’, something I have mentioned before.

Under the UKV banner, there are collections of Limited (run of 50) and Open Edition photos and I have had two images selected for the former, one for the latter. In traditional print, the artist gets an ‘Artist’s Proof’ copy to check, number 0/50 of the series, so I selected my ‘Fleshmarket Close’ image for printing at a good size for framing and sticking on the wall.

This is the image:

Fleshmarket Close, Edinburgh.
‘Fleshmarket Close.’ Available as a limited edition (of 50) fine art print. Click on the image for more information.

And this is the resulting print on Hahnemuhle Museum Etching 350gsm textured fine art paper. OBA free and of museum grade. Printed on a Epson Stylus Pro 9900 using Ultrachrome HDR Pigment Inks.

‘Mull Boats’ and ‘Fleshmarket Close’, printed by UKV Pro and framed by The Steps Gallery.

If you ignore the quality of this photo, which has reflections on the glass, you can get an impression of the quality of the print job. If it can make my efforts look good, I am happy. Very happy.

To add to my good feelings, my mate decided to give another image of mine to a colleague as a wedding present. This time it was the Open Edition Print you can see here:

‘Twisted Inversion’. Open Edition Print available from UKV Pro – click on image for more details.

Thankfully, the present was well received by Bride and Groom!

Go on, get it printed!

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