I have written a bit about getting started and my fumbling about with a ‘prawpa camera’. What got me interested in improving my images was seeing the images posted by Real and Lost Edinburgh. Actually, that’s Real Edinburgh and Lost Edinburgh, two separate posters of Edinburgh photography. Did I mention Edinburgh?

So. Hmm, not supposed to start a sentence with so, let alone make it a sentence. Must learn some language skills. So, nup, done it again.

Real Edinburgh is run by Grant Ritchie and it was his photography plus chat that encouraged me to try for myself. He’s an amateur photographer who shoots excellent stuff and is also happy, well, sometimes he’s ‘happy’, to answer stupid questions from beginners. If you’ve not seen his stuff, I recommend you take a look.

The Lost Edinburgh Facebook Page is run by David McLean to provide images of old Edinburgh from various archives. Looking at photos of the city I live in as it was in the past made me see it differently. Perhaps that’s why I now like monochrome images.

I have managed to improve my monochrome outputs thanks to the Monochrome Vision UK Facebook Group. This was started only a wee while ago by Paul Grundy of UKV Fine Art Printing, who does high quality work. He is also certified, as in has a certificate saying he is a professional. I think he likes that. The FB group has given me lots of pointers to help me improve, often presented in choice ways, but I can cope. But you are an artiste, I hear you cry, don’t let them be nasty to you, well, the way to improve is to be told what doesn’t work, so it is all good.

Here is a random picture of a tree, for no good reason.


And here are some other links to folks who have given advice and encouragement. If you are not on the list and feel you should be, let me  know and I’ll present your application to the add-my-link-to-the-post committee to see what they say.

Go and have a look at these, go on, just click.

Beautiful Edinburgh on Facebook, run by Graeme Ross

Paul McGuigan.

Alison Staite.

Rab Cardownie.

Greig Howitt.

Dougie Williams.

Don Munro.

Wee Photos (Tom Duffin).

Colin Myers.

6 thoughts on “Inspirations

  1. You’re barking mad Henni.. but then so am I, which is why you amuse me so much. Nice to know there is help and inspiration behind the tirade of abuse you have to take from the group… obviously not from me, cos I wouldn’t do that. Still you manage to knock out a decent snap every now and again so keep making an effort. Oh yes.. I do like my certificate that says I’m a proper ‘pro’ and not just a mere mortal. Well done.

    1. I am not barking mad, I am a serious artiste (in my own lunchtime), so all is allowed. Thanks for your glowing testimonial.

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